Rising fuel prices: Man converts petrol bike into e-bike

BAITUL: Increase in the prices of petrol and diesel has devastated the lives of common people. Fed up with the increasing fuel prices, a man here coined an innovative solution. He now spends just Rs 7 to cover 35 km of distance.

Ushakant, who works as a line helper (lineman) in the Baitul electricity department, has transformed his petrol bike into an electric bike. This bike does not even create pollution.

He used 4 batteries of 12 watts and a motor, he installed them in the bike, by which the bike runs with no pollution. This bike gets charge in 6 hours, and in charging it uses only one unit of electricity. Once charged this bike runs up to 35 kilometres. He has created something unbelievable as this bike is of low cost and does not create any kind of pollution.

Ushakant stated that everything is getting costly day by day making the common man’s life miserable. A new bike costs around Rs 90,000 which is not affordable for him and so he converted his 18-year-old bike into an e-bike by investing just Rs 28,000 . Now with his innovative idea, he manages to save petrol cost which was earlier eating up his monthly budget.

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