Brazil to procure corona vaccines from India

New Delhi: Covid-19 infection that started from China in 1999, griped the entire world in 2020 posing serious threats to public health. To handle the situation and other unknown forthcoming pandemics like this, Brazil will be standing with India to fight against such situations.

Marcos Pontes, Science and Technology Minister of Brazil declared that the country will be securing more Covid-19 vaccines from India. Brazil will be collaborating with strategic partner India to work together as the country is looking forward to the joint working of scientists to handle the challenges of the pandemic.

The minister said that Brazil is a country like India with a population in crores and they want to vaccinate each citizen of the country for which they will be taking more amount of vaccines from India.

Marcos Pontes will be visiting India this year to meet Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and scientists in Bengaluru. Marcos will also be part of the launch of the Brazillian satellite Amazonia-1 from Sriharikota.

On Tuesday, Brazil received the second lot of Covid-19 vaccine from India. The country got 2 million shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine. India transferred the first lot of 2 million shots to Brazil in January 2021.

Marcos mentioned that only the vaccine is not the reason behind his visit to India but he wants to build a connection between the scientists of both countries, to get better results. he believes that working together will be fruitful in curing other diseases like dengue, chikungunya, etc. He mentioned that the priority of Brazil is the use of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence in the medication.

Brazil is looking forward to entering India’s space sector as they have been following India’s space program and its SUD’s with this India will also be able to use the Brazilian facility.

Marcos Cesar Pontes is a Brazilian Air Force pilot, engineer, AEB astronaut. He has worked with NASA and the Russian Space Agency.

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