VIDEO : Husband forces wife to give ‘Agnipariksha’ by putting her hand in boiling oil


Osmanabad : A dreadful case has come to light from Osmanabad, Maharashtra. Where a cruel husband forced his wife to put her hand in boiling oil to test the purity of his wife. According to the information received, this woman living in Paranda, Osmanabad, was missing from home for 4 days and her husband was extremely angry.

When the wife returned, the husband boiled the oil and put a coin of Rs 5 in it and asked the wife to remove it using her hand. This way he asked his wife to prove her purity. The husband not only forced the wife to put her hands in boiling oil but also made a video of the whole incident. During this time the woman’s hand got badly scorched and she was screaming in pain, but the husband continued to force her to do so.

Actually the woman’s husband is the driver and there was a fight between the two on the matter of going to the maiden on 11 February. After this quarrel, the woman went to her house Osmanabad without telling her husband. The woman said that when she was returning home, two people forcibly took her with them at Khasapuri Chowk and kept her hostage for four days.

According to the information, the woman is from the Pardhi community. In this community, there has been a practice of extracting coins from boiling oil taking the name of God to prove the purity of women. After the video went viral, Maharashtra Legislative Council Chairman Neelam Gorhe has demanded action from Home Minister Anil Deshmukh.

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