30-year-old ends life in Ahmednagar fearing lockdown

Ahmednagar: A 30-year-old man died by suicide on Monday after rumours of another lockdown gathered momentum.

The deceased feared that the re-imposition of lockdown will make it difficult for him to repay the loan he had taken from a self-help group, the police said.

The deceased has been identified as Vishnu Babasaheb Gangurde (30), a resident of Gautam Nagar, Railway Station, Rahuri. Vishnu was reportedly debt-ridden, the police informed.

According to the police, Vishnu was working as a labourer to support his family. He had taken a loan from a self-help group and also borrowed some money from his friends. The fear of re-imposition of lockdown lingered over his head, making him apprehensive about his debt. A friend of Vishnu said that he had expressed this concern before attempting suicide.

Vishnu is survived by his wife, a son and two daughters. A case of accidental death has been reported at Rahuri police station.

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