Symptoms of incurable Brain Fog disease found in 58% COVID19 patients

New Delhi : Ever since the corona infection spread a year ago, a wide-scale study of its symptoms and effects has continued in various countries. Often new information comes out. By now it has been clear that corona infection causes problems like fever, headache, body ache and cough, but now a complex problem is also coming to the fore. Experts have named it Brain Fog. Even after the corona infection is cured, this long-lasting disease is leaving a deep impact on people’s health.

Brain fog is a serious medical condition in which the central nervous system does not function properly. Consciousness is disrupted, due to which situations of tiredness and dilemma arise. Apart from this, brain fog also affects attention and memory. The affected person is unable to take appropriate decisions.

According to a recent report published in the international e-magazine MedRixive, about 58 percent of Covid-19 patients showed signs of brain fog or mental dilemma. In this way, brain fog was also included in the important symptoms of Covid-19. Corona patients state that they face many difficulties in expressing their thoughts or conveying them. Even the flow is interrupted during speaking.

Meditation and yoga are effective
Scientific treatment of Covid brain fog has not yet been decided. However, experts recommend that a person undergoing this condition should do the work which brings relief. Meditation, yoga and creative activities help to overcome mental stress and bring clarity to thoughts. Apart from this, brain fog is possible with proper sleep, physical activity and stress management.

Although vaccination work is on pace in the country and the number of daily corona patients has also decreased, its prevalence has increased again in some states. In such a situation, it is important that all precautionary measures are adopted promptly. If you get out of the house, wear a face mask. Maintain physical distance and must wash or sanitize hands before touching the face.

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