Pune: Man arrested for stealing clothes worth Rs 60,000 from Ravivar peth

Pune: A man was arrested for stealing clothes worth Rs 60,000 by making fake keys, the police said on Saturday. Reportedly, the accused worked as salesman in the very shop.


The accused is identified as Mohammad Shahid Bablu Siddhiki (22), a resident of Somwar Peth. Manzoor Alam (59) has lodged a complaint at Faraskhana police station.


According to police, Manzoor Alam owns a garment shop at the Qazi Complex in Raviwar Peth. Accused Mohammad had been working at the shop for the last few months. Meanwhile, the accused forged the shop keys and entered the shop at midnight and stole clothes worth Rs 60,000. Police have arrested Mohammad on theft charges. Faraskhana police are conducting further investigations.

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