34-story plaza of Donald Trump demolished using 3000 dynamite

New York : Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City has been demolished with the help of 3000 dynamite. It was ordered to be demolished by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small in June last year due to safety issues.

This 34-storeya plaza has been known for its casinos. Trump Plaza opened in 1984 and was once a key aspect of former President Donald Trump’s sprawling real estate portfolio. The casino was shuttered in 2014, and the building has since fallen into disrepair and had to be demolished, city officials recently said.

The plaza, opened in 1984, was closed in 2014. Due to several storms, the exterior of this building was dilapidated. When this building was being demolished, hundreds of people were present here.

This huge building took less than 20 seconds to collapse. There were several consecutive explosions in the building around 9am on Wednesday morning which demolished the entire building. The Mayor of Atlantic City says that after the building collapsed, we saw that its debris is only 8 storeys high and it will take until June to remove it.

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