South Africa asks Serum Institute to take back 10 lakh doses of COVID19 vaccine

Pune : Deadly Coronavirus is still wreaking havoc around the world despite the vaccination having begun in many countries. However, vaccination can still take several months to complete. In addition, new coronavirus strains are becoming more challenging. This new strain poses a new challenge to medical researchers. A new strain of coronavirus found in South Africa, followed by Britain, has raised concerns among researchers.

The new coronavirus found in South Africa has hit a corona vaccine developed by the Serum Institute of India. South Africa had decided to use the Serum’s AstraZeneca covid vaccine. But now South Africa has changed its mind. South Africa has asked Serum to take back 10 lakh doses of Corona vaccine.

Serum had shipped 10 lakh doses of the corona vaccine to South Africa in early February. But now South Africa has decided not to use the serum vaccine. Serum is the largest company in the world in terms of vaccine products. Serum has developed a vaccine against corona with the help of Oxford University and AstraZeneca. Notably, the World Health Organization has also given the green light to the use of serum vaccines.

The serum was to supply 5 lakh doses of corona vaccine to South Africa in the next few weeks. But now the use of serum vaccines in South Africa is likely to be delayed. Reuters sought Serum’s reaction to this. But the company declined to comment immediately. A new strain of the coronavirus has been discovered in South Africa. Serum vaccines are not completely successful in protecting against this. South Africa’s health minister says the protection against the virus from serum vaccines is minimal.

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