Gujarat transwoman freezes her own semen in hope to become mother in future

AHMEDABAD: Dr Jesnoor Dayara, born as male, froze four vials of semen on Monday ahead of a seminal event in her life: a sex change surgery, hoping to be the mother who has fathered her baby. The semen was preserved at a fertility centre in Anand.

Dr Dayara, a transwoman who received her MBBS degree from a Russian University hails from a small town of Godhra in Panchmahal, Gujarat. Dr Jesnoor, born as male, will become Gujarat’s first trans woman doctor.

According to Jesnoor, she felt like she had been stuck in a man’s body since childhood. When she was small, she used to wear her mother’s sari and apply her make-up. Going abroad helped her spread her wings and expand her horizon. Initially afraid of coming out, Jesnoor kept her sexuality hidden from her family. Upon coming out of the closet, she initially faced reluctance but later was accepted by her family.

She is now preparing for the Medical Council exam and will undergo sex change operation after the exam. Since she wants to be a mother after becoming a woman, she has already given up her own semen to freeze at a facility in Anand.

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