Sapna Chaudhary’s trouble increases, Can be arrested

Mumbai : Famous dancer Sapna Chaudhary has been accused of cheating by a movie company. On the complaint of the company, the Economic Offenses Wing of Delhi Police has registered an FIR and has started investigating the case.

The company alleges that Sapna Chaudhary entered into an agreement with the company to ask for work, but she later broke the settlement terms and stole personal information of the company’s customers with the alleged help of an employee of the company.

With the help of that employee, a second branch was opened without informing the company. Regarding which permission was not obtained from the company. Sapna Chaudhary termed the charge as baseless and said that everything will be cleared when the time comes. Pawan Chawla, director of P&M Movie Private Limited, has complained to the Economic Offenses Branch.

In which the director has accused Sapna Chaudhary, members of her family and an employee of her company of cheating and other charges. The complaint said that in the year 2017, Sapna had come to the company in search of work. Everything went well till the year 2020. However, Sapna kept on taking money from the company for different reasons. Many times the director got money from Sapna from his acquaintances.

It is alleged that in the year 2020, Sapna renegotiated with the company. After this, together with the company’s employee Nitin, she stole the data of the company’s customers under a conspiracy. After this, Sapna opened another company in the name of this company. Which is supervised by Nitin. Due to this, the company has suffered a loss of about 3.5 crore.

The complainant has demanded the police to investigate the entire matter. Police officials say that a case has been registered on the complaint and it is being investigated. During the investigation, the police will get information about the financial transaction, after which the accused will be questioned.

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