Fear of Bird flu : Over 1 lakh birds will be killed in Maharashtra

Mumbai : Bird flu continues to wreak havoc in the country. ICAR-National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD), a central laboratory in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, has confirmed the death of birds from bird flu at 12 more poultry farms in Navapur in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra on Tuesday. With this, the number of affected poultry farms increased to 16. After this, the administration in Navapur on Tuesday segregated more than one lakh chickens to kill.

On Tuesday, 1291 birds died due to bird flu, of which 1266 are poultry birds. With this, the number of birds dying from bird flu has increased to 41,504. There are a total of 9.50 lakh chickens in 28 poultry farms of Navapur tehsil. Bird flu will cause heavy damage to poultry farms. The administration has banned the sale of eggs and chickens in Navapur. 100 teams of the Animal Husbandry Department have reached Nandurbar. Earlier in 2006 also, bird flu had spread in Navapur. Compared to the year 2006, the impact of bird flu is very less in Navapur this year.

The administration has ordered villagers in Navapur not to keep native hens, chicken, duck, pigeon and other birds at home. People have to hand over all birds to the administration. Government tractors and pickups will come to carry pet birds in the village. Those who violate the order will be prosecuted under the Disaster Management Act 2005.

The Animal Husbandry Commissioner of Nashik visited the Navapur tehsil and inspected the poultry farm. Made traders and officials aware of bird flu. At the same time, traders have demanded compensation for the loss.

Officials of the State Animal Husbandry Department said that NIHSAD confirmed that chickens died in Navapur from H5N8 strain. Officials said earlier the central laboratory had confirmed bird deaths in 12 poultry from bird flu. A senior official, requesting anonymity, said samples of four poultry farms were reported on Monday and eight on Tuesday, with confirmed bird flu.

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