Turkey: Man charged for stealing money and spiking boss’s drink with COVID patient’s saliva

In a bizarre incident, a Car salesman has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly trying to spike his boss’s drink with a Covid patient’s saliva. The incident took place in turkey’s city Adana,

Ramazan Cimen is accused of trying to kill Ibrahim Unverdi and his wife after he was allegedly caught trying to steal £21,410 (Rs 22 lakh), which he obtained from a sale of a car.

Ibrahim Unverdi filed a criminal complaint against one of his employees alleging that the latter stole money from him before infecting his drink with the deadly virus.

“He even had the key to my safe, I completely trusted him. Later, I called him multiple times and could not reach him. He answered the next day. He said that he needed the money and stole it because he owed it to a loan shark,” Urvendi was quoted as saying by LADbible.


Urvendi requested police permission after showing threats sent by the employee confirming that he had tried to kill him with the coronavirus. He said that one such message read, “I could not kill you with the virus. I will shoot you in the head next time.”

He said he was lucky he did not take the drink. He further claimed that after the issue was reported in the press, the accused started sending him threat messages.

He added, “This is the first time I have heard of such strange killing technique. Thank god I did not get sick. God is always with me”.

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