Kolhapur: Male nurse beaten by students after he harassed a nursing student

Kolhapur: A male CPR nurse molested and sexually harassed a female student studying in the nursing department of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Government College, the police said. A case has been registered against the man in the police station. se.

After the victim informed her parents about the incident, they immediately rushed to Kolhapur from Solapur. The victim narrated the whole incident to incumbent Dr. S. M. More and other staff members of the training college.

Meanwhile, nursing students beat the accused after the incident came to light. After the incident, the victim started feeling unwell and was admitted to CPR for treatment. The case has been registered at the CPR police station and police are investigating further.

Speaking about this, CPR’s incumbent Dr. S. M. More said that the incident that occurred was of serious nature and such things will not be tolerated. Relevant action will be taken against the accused.

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