Woman kills boyfriend, cooks meal from his remains and serves it to Pakistani nationals

In a chilling incident,  a Moroccan woman allegedly murdered her lover, minced and cooked his flesh in a traditional Arabic dish called ‘machboos’ and served the dish to a few Pakistani construction workers working near her home in UAE.
According to the prosecutors in Al-Ain Emirate, the woman killed her boyfriend in a fit of rage after he told her of his plans to marry another woman from their country of origin. She had been in a relationship with him for seven years.
The man’s brother went to the couple’s home in the hope of finding him, but she claimed to have kicked the victim out and said she did not know where he was. Reportedly, the brother found a human tooth inside a mixer blender in the woman’s home.
According to The National, DNA tests confirmed the tooth belonged to the man and his girlfriend was arrested.
The suspect allegedly asked a friend for help to clean the house. While she noticed the bloodstains, the friend is not thought to have witnessed the crime.
She was arrested and is said to have told police she carried out the killing in a moment of ‘insanity’. The woman said it was out of revenge, having financially provided for him for years.
The woman was sent to a hospital for a check-up set to determine if she is suffering from a mental illness, and according to an Associated Press report, she will face trial after the investigation is completed.
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