Kolhapur: 9 persons drugged through food, valuables stolen; investigation underway

Kolhapur: Nine performing artists were robbed on Wednesday (February 3) after they fell unconscious after being drugged through their meal in Ganji galli in Kolhapur. All of them have been admitted to CPR by Laxmipuri Police.

According to the police, Kuntabai Kavre, Dropadabai Suryavanshi, Kuma Bai Kamble, Sakhubai Suryavanshi, Latabai Suryavanshi, Mashinchi Chinchole, Ram Kisan Kavre, Malhari Suryavanshi, Ashok Bhure were called by someone from Kolhapur to perform a religious program. The person had sent a message on social media saying that he would pay Rs 14,000 for the event and had given an advance of Rs 2,500.

The nine artists arrived in Kolhapur late last night and were accommodated in a passenger residence at Ganji galli by the person who had invited them. After they were given a meal, they all fell unconscious. The thieves then stole their jewelry, mobile phones and valuables, the police said. The victims were then rushed to CPR for treatment. Laxmipuri Police are further investigating the case and will reveal all the details once the investigation is done.

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