Nashik: Court order favors Shiv Sena; one more member added to the Standing Committee

Nashik: The Nashik Court has ruled in favor of the Shiv Sena against the decision to appoint members of the Standing committee on comparative strength. Thus, Shiv Sena will get one more seat according to its comparative strength.

 Earlier, Shiv Sena had moved to the High Court against the decision to appoint members of the Standing Committee on comparative strength.

Though BJP has the highest number of corporators in Nashik Municipal Corporation, the party was defeated in the by-election of Nashik Road. Apart from that, the death of Phulenagar corporator Shantabai Hiray had also reduced the BJP’s strength.

While claiming that Shiv Sena has one more member in the standing committee considering its comparative strength, Shiv Sena had last year accused Mayor Satish Kulkarni of appointing nine BJP members to the standing committee instead of eight. Later, Shiv Sena group leader Vilas Shinde and Opposition leader Ajay Boraste approached the high court.

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