Ayushmann Khurrana shares his definition of a ‘big film’

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana has been tagged as a risk-taker who picks high-concept films that become hits at the box office, as well as trigger conversations.
He says he has never picks a film based on budget, scale, or mounting.”I have never chosen a film on the basis of its budget, scale or mounting. For me, these aren’t the only important factors for a film to be perceived as a big film. I have only chosen films basis the bigness and uniqueness of its content,” Ayushmann said.
For Ayushmann, a “big film” should “trigger conversations on a national level”, and also “pull people into discussing issues that concern them”. Ayushmann says a big film should make people ponder, raise important questions and offer solutions that matter to society.
He said, “I have always seen bigness through this lens and I’m happy with how I have selected my films because I have a personal ambition to do the best films that my industry is producing.”
As an entertainer, Ayushmann relates to films that are fresh, clutter-breaking and at the same time highly entertaining.
“Through my films, I would like to have a conversation with everyone about topics that are taboo, that people are not comfortable addressing despite it being important and are a little off-center. Honestly, I relate to these subjects much more because they are unique, multi-layered and offer something fresh to audiences,” he said.
Ayushmann added, “Today, the audience only wants to see new, clutter-breaking content and, as an entertainer, my goal is to constantly try and wow them.”

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