Pune Serum institute Fire : Accident or coordinated campaign of Sabotage?

Pune: The social media is in fights whether the fire that broke out at Serum Institute Indian on Thursday (January 21) was an accident or a coordinated campaign of sabotage. Investigators have also turned their attention to this.

Since the founding of Serum Institute, i.e., from 1966 to the present, there have been minor fire incidents at the institution; however, senior officials of the organization informed that this is the first time such a huge fire has occurred.

For the past few months, the world’s attention has been focused on the Vaccine production company for its Covishield Vaccine. The vaccine was distributed across the country from January 12. Against this backdrop, in just nine days, a fire broke out at an important unit in Pune’s Manjri area. On the one hand, there are cycles of investigations into whether there is any connection between the distribution of the vaccine and this incident.

“It is difficult to say for sure now as to how the fire broke out at the institute, which provides vaccines to 170 countries around the world. Smoking is banned and even mobile phones are not allowed in the area. So, what exactly is the cause of the fire? It is being investigated at all levels”, a senior police official said.

Discussions about the incident started on Thursday afternoon after footage and photographs of the fire at the Serum Institute went viral on social media. Even ordinary political leaders, from ordinary citizens, have been discussing the possibility of sabotage which led to the fire.

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