“I am withdrawing the complaint due to family reasons: Renu Sharma

Social Justice Minister and NCP leader Dhananjay Munde will be relieved as Renu Sharma, who had alleged Munde of rape has withdrawn her complaint. The Minister was accused of rape by the woman. After the allegations against Dhananjay Munde surfaced, the BJP Pradesh Mahila Morcha staged a statewide agitation on Monday demanding his resignation.

Renu Sharma, who had accused Dhananjay Munde of rape, has withdrawn the rape complaint against Munde. While withdrawing her complaint, Renu Sharma said, “I am withdrawing the complaint due to family reasons,”. It is learned that Renu Sharma’s lawyers have also dropped the case.

Renu Sharma in her reply to police said that for some time her sister (Karuna Sharma) and Munder were not on good terms which led her (Karuna Sharma) under mental pressure.

Dhananjay Munde clarified about his relationship with Karuna Sharma (sister of the complainant). While talking about his affair, he said, “I have been in a consensual relationship with a woman named Karuna Sharma since 2003. And my family, wife, and friends were aware of this. Out of this mutual consent we had two children, a son and a daughter. I have given my name to these two children. My family, wife, and my children have also accepted these children as family members. As a woman named Karuna Sharma is the mother of my children, I have accepted the responsibility of their upbringing”.

In a Facebook post, Dhananjay Munde said, “that some documents about me were circulating on social media and that I was being accused of rape. All these allegations are false, derogatory and are used to blackmail me.

Renu Sharma in her defense had tweeted “I will withdraw if you all want. If I’m wrong, why haven’t these people come forward so far? I am fighting alone in Maharashtra. I am being falsely accused of having no information. If you all want it, I will withdraw the complaint,”.

When asked why did she remain silent all these years, Renu Sharma said, “Dhananjay Munde had my offensive photos and videos on it. He also demanded sex on video calls. Hence, I was silent. I wanted to do something in life. I was very ambitious. That is what Munde misused. There were instances when he said he will stand behind me but didn’t”.

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