Fuel prices hiked again today, Petrol crosses Rs 92 a liter in Mumbai

Mumbai : After a break of two days, oil companies have again increased the price of petrol and diesel on Friday. Petrol has crossed Rs 92 per liter in Mumbai, the economic capital of the country. Today, the price of petrol and diesel has been increased by 25 paise per liter.

The new President Joe Biden has taken many important steps in the United States, this has strengthened the sentiment in the economy around the world. Due to this, the stock market remained strong on Thursday, but there is a slight decrease in crude oil.

These are the prices of petrol-diesel in major cities –
After this increase, petrol in the capital Delhi has been Rs 85.45 and diesel has been Rs 75.63. Similarly, petrol in Mumbai has been increased by Rs 92.04 and diesel by Rs 82.40, petrol in Chennai is increased by Rs 88.07 and diesel by Rs 80.90 and in Kolkata, petrol by Rs 86.87 and diesel by Rs 79.23.

Petrol and diesel rates have reached their all-time highs. The tax on these fuels is proving to be a big source of revenue for the government due to the lack of other sources of revenue in the Corona period.

Due to the sentiment created after Joe Biden became the new president of the United States, the domestic market crossed its all-time high of 50,000 on Thursday in the stock market. Due to increase in prices of petrol and diesel, there is a possibility of inflation.

Crude oil is showing some softness in the international market, although Brent crude remains above $ 55 per barrel. The crude oil that comes in the Indian basket is about 20 to 25 days old, that is, the effect of the oil rate today can be seen after 20 to 25 days.

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