Actor Vijay Patkar appeals to Punekars to follow traffic rules under Road Safety Campaign

Pune: While speaking at an event organized by the Pimpri-Chinchwad Police Commissionerate on Thursday under the Road Safety Campaign, Marathi actor Vijay Patkar said citizens of Pune are bold and not scared of the Police. He said, “Even citizens in Mumbai are somewhat intimidated by the police but in Pune, people are not scared at all and that they do not even follow traffic rules”.

Patkar has slammed those who violate the traffic rules saying it is hilarious that people do not even follow the basic traffic rules. Comparing traffic rules with foreign countries Patkar said that the citizens in other countries obey traffic rules at even three o’clock in the morning but in our country, drivers speed up even at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Actor Vijay Patkar said, “Accidents happen just because you don’t follow traffic rules. The rules were followed in Mumbai too. In Mumbai, citizens are afraid of the traffic police. But in Pune people are not scared of anyone. You wear any color uniform, it wouldn’t matter to them”. Patkar also appealed to the people of Pune to follow the rules of road safety for themselves and for their families.

The event was attended by Upper Commissioner of Police Ramnath Pokale, Deputy Commissioner of Police Sudhir Hiremath, Assistant Commissioner of Police Shrikant Desale, Senior Traffic Police Inspector Satish Nandurkar, Mohan Jadhav and traffic police personnel.

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