Sapna Choudhary owns assets worth crores, also left the Bollywood stars behind

Mumbai : As soon as you hear the name of Sapna Choudhary, the Desi Queen of Haryana, you will have many songs on your tongue. Sapna Choudhary makes the audience crazy with her songs and dance. Sapna Chaudhary has made a place in the hearts of people today due to her dance. Also, dancing queen Sapna speaks openly on issues related to society. Sapna Chaudhary sets the stage on fire with her dance performance. People travel from far away to see her dance performance. Sapna has worked hard to reach the point where she is today.

But do you know how much Sapna Chaudhary will charge for a program. Today we are going to tell you how much Sapna Chaudhary charges for a show. Sapna Chaudhary gave her first dance performance on ‘Solid Body’. Her first dance performance went viral across the country. She was recognized by this song and after this Desi Queen never looked back.

After becoming famous with her first song, Sapna thought it right to make a career in this direction. Today, Sapna Chaudhary is considered the highest-grossing star in the stage performance of Haryana. According to media reports, Sapna Chaudhary charges 20 to 25 lakh fees for performing the stage.




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