Repair work on four km stretch from Khubi to Malshej Ghat initiated: Dr Amol Kolhe

Narayangaon: MP Amol Kolhe informed that the repair work of a four-kilometer long road from Khubi to Malshej Ghat on the Kalyan-Nagar highway, which is part of the Mumbai-Visakhapatnam National Highway has begun. This action was taken after taking into account the complaints of villagers and social activists in Khubi.

MP Dr. Kolhe said the widening and strengthening of Kalyan-Nagar road was done by the National Highways Authority. On the four km long road from Khubi to Malshej Ghat, the road was paved with big potholes. This made the road dangerous for traffic.

Gram Panchayat Khubi and MNS Pune District Vice President Makrand Pate had demanded repair of this road.

Prafulla Diwan of the National Highways Authority and Superintendent of Public Works Department Prashant Auti were immediately contacted and directed to repair the road immediately.

Meanwhile, the National Highways Authority and the Public Works Department (National Highways) have taken immediate action to repair the road. Many villagers and Makrand Pate have expressed satisfaction over Dr. Kolhe’s readiness.

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