Pune: MP Amol Kolhe demands to remove ‘Bull’ from the list of protected animals; cites farmers concern

Manchar: Shirur Lok Sabha constituency MP Dr. Amol Kolhe has demanded Union Animal Husbandry Minister Giriraj Singh to convene a meeting of the National Animal Welfare Board to remove ‘bull’ from the list of protected animals, as the ban on bullock cart race has endangered the existence of the Khilar breed of bulls.

The Mumbai High Court’s ban on bullock cart races has been challenged in the Supreme Court by the bullock cart owners’ association and the Maharashtra government. A court hearing in this regard is pending. Against this, Dr. Kolhe has pointed to Giriraj Singh that the ox used for bullock cart races is a native breed of Khilar breed and is not being used for agriculture.

 Dr.Kolhe in his letter said that it is not financially feasible for the farmers to handle the Khilar bull used only for races. As a result, these bulls are sent for illegal slaughter at low rates. Therefore, the number of native bulls of Khilar breed is decreasing day by day and there is a danger of extinction of this breed of native bulls in the future.

Dr.Kolhe has expressed that the ban needs to be lifted on bullock cart races to save the Khilar breed of native bulls. For this, the bull needs to be removed from the list of protected animals. Therefore, a meeting of the Animal Welfare Board should be convened immediately to take a positive decision in this regard.

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