Court sentences a man for 10 years of hard labor in a rape case

Pune: Special Judge R. G. Deshpande sentenced a man to 10 years of prison, with hard labor and a fine of Rs 50,000 for violating and marrying a minor girl. DNA testing proved as a piece of important evidence during the trial.

The convict was identified as Ashok Ramesh Kadam (29, resident of Yerawada). The incident occurred on and before May 15 2015. The victim met Ashok while she was visiting her grandmother. She had disappeared from home for three days. Upon returning she said she was at her friend’s place. Two months later, the family found out that she was pregnant. She then confessed that she was violated by Ashok. He then took her to Alandi and married her.

The victim’s mother filed a complaint under Section 376 and the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Act. The incident took place within the limits of Yerawada police station. Special Public Prosecutor Shubhangi Deshmukh presided over the proceedings on behalf of the victim. Assistant Inspector of Police Seema Dhakne investigated the case. Constable S. V. Chikane helped in court proceedings.

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