‘Violence will never be justified’, says US First Lady Melania Trump as she bids farewell

Washington :  Days after the US Capitol riots, first Lady Melania Trump in her farewell speech urged the people to be “passionate in everything” but never resort to violence as it is never the answer and will never be justified. This statement of the fist lady came after the US Capitol riots that were called against “rigged election” by President Donald Trump.

Speaking for the last time as the US First Lady, in a video message and showing concern for the citizens amid the corona pandemic, she urged the netizens to use caution and common sense to protect the vulnerable as millions of vaccines are now being delivered.

In her farewell speech, the first lady added, “The past four years have been unforgettable, as Donald and I conclude our time in the White House, I think of all of the people I have taken home in my heart and their incredible stories of love, patriotism and determination.”

Melania Trump conveyed condolences to the families of the COVID-19 victims and thanked “nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals, manufacturing workers, truck drivers, and so many others who are working to save lives”.

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