Sangli: Man wins Gram Panchayat elections; dies a day before election results

Sangli: A Gram Panchayat candidate who won the elections in Dhavali village of Sangli district, died just a day before the election results. Atul Patil, a chemist from Tasgaon and Dhavali, and the director of the Sangli District Chemists Association, died of heart attack while playing cricket on Sunday (January 17). He was playing for the association’s cricket matches at Atpadi on Sunday (January 17).

Meanwhile, Atul Patil was working as the Deputy Sarpanch of Dhavali village. Just after a day of his death, it was declared that he had won the Gram Panchayat elections by 57 votes.

Congress leads in Sangli

There was a total of 152 Gram Panchayat elections in Sangli district. In the results, the Congress panel has won in most of the Gram Panchayats with proving to be number one in the district. In this Congress-49, NCP-34, Local Alliance-34, BJP-20, and Shiv Sena have won 15 Gram Panchayats.

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