Mithila Palkar: Strongly opinionated about the choices that I make

Mumbai: Actress Mithila Palkar says she is aware that she has the freedom to make her own choices, adding that she is strongly opinionated about the choices that she makes.T

hese are traits that helped her relate to her character of Masha in the upcoming film “Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy”, says Mithila, although she doesn’t think she is similar to Masha at all.

“The choices that Masha made were the ones that I would never make, but having said that I won’t judge her for that because I know where she came from and why she made those choices,” Mithila said.

The actress continued: “I think the one thing that binds us together is that whatever are the decisions we take, we are going to be judged for some of them. I feel like we both are aware that we have the freedom to make a choice and are very strongly opinionated about the choices that we make – whether or not they fit in anybody else’s build or it is in sync with anyone else’s ideas, principles, or values.”

“We know that it’s a choice that is going to make us happy and we’ve taken this call being very self-aware of what may or may not happen. I think that is the one thing that binds us together but otherwise I don’t think there is anything that is similar. She is quite peaceful actually and a very quiet person who is to herself. I am quite the opposite of that — (I am) loud,” she added.

The film, written and directed by Renuka Shahane, also features Tanvi Azmi and Kajol. It is a family drama about three distinct women, and their unconventional life choices. “Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy” will be released on Netflix on January 15.

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