China imposes travel ban on Pakistani passengers due to rising cases of corona in Pak

New Delhi : Pakistan is considered to be the closest country to China. At the same time, now China has given a shock to Pakistan. China has banned flights to Pakistan. This ban has been imposed on flights to Pakistan due to Corona. According to Pakistan’s Geo News, China has halted flights from Pakistan International Airlines, PIA for three weeks.

PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez said the country’s airline has temporarily halted flights. Temporary travel restrictions have been imposed on Pakistani travellers after ten Pakistani passengers were found to be Corona positive. Due to this, Pakistani travellers will not be able to travel to China for some time.

Recently some travellers from Pakistan reached China. All of them had negative reports of Corona, but later on reaching China, all these passengers were found to be Corona positive. On Thursday, 144 new cases were reported in China. This number is the highest in the last 10 months.

At the same time, corona cases are increasing in North China’s Hebei province. Corona infection has been confirmed in 90 locals here. In addition, nine more untreated cases were found. On Friday, 2417 new cases and 45 deaths were reported in Pakistan.

Significantly, in the case of Corona, China has been considered sensitive since the beginning. Most of the countries of the world have been facing the Corona epidemic since China came in grip of the deadly virus. That is why China is now being very cautious to control new cases of corona.

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