COVID19 : Now Germany imposes strict lockdown after Britain

Berlin : After Britain, now Germany too has decided to impose strict lockdown in the country again. As the threat of the coronavirus increases, the German government has announced a nationwide lockdown. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued a statement regarding this.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said that we are extending our nationwide lockdown by the end of the month and imposing strict and new restrictions to curb the coronavirus infection.

For the first time on 30 December 2020 in Germany, more than 1000 deaths in a single day occurred after the Corona epidemic began. The National Center for Disease Control, Robert Koch Institute, reported that there were 1129 deaths on Wednesday.

A week earlier, there were 962 deaths a day. With these deaths, the total number of deaths from Covid-19 in Germany had risen to 32107.

The first wave of epidemics in Germany had relatively low mortality, but the second wave has been causing hundreds of deaths daily in recent weeks. Among the major European countries, Italy, Britain, France and Spain still have higher deaths.

With the closure of schools and most shops on 16 December in Germany, widespread restrictions were imposed, which would remain in force until 10 January. Now these restrictions have been extended further. Altogether, about 16.9 lakh cases have been reported in Germany.

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