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New Delhi : Experts have advised people who are going to get vaccinated against the coronavirus to abstain from alcohol consumption. They warned people who have taken the dose of the Covid-19 vaccine should avoid alcohol as alcohol can reduce the body’s immune response. Emergency medicine specialist Dr. Ronex Ikharia used alcohol in an experiment. He took blood samples of people before drinking three glasses and after drinking three glasses. His motive was to know how alcohol affects the body’s immune response.

Researchers report that alcohol changes the texture of billions of microorganisms found in the intestine. They play an important role in preventing the attack of bacteria and viruses. This damages the immune cells in the blood, known as white blood cells, and lymphocytes.Lymphocytes send anti-bodies to attack a virus. Sheena Crookshank, a professor of immunologist at the University of Manchester, said, “A decrease in lymphocytes can reduce the effect of the body’s immune response.”

He therefore urged not to drink alcohol during the Covid-19 vaccination. He told that there needs to be good response to the vaccine, so if you are drinking alcohol at night before taking the vaccine or after a while after taking the vaccine, it will not help.

According to Chinese scientists, lymphocytes are ‘basic importance’ in the immune system and determine immune responses to infectious microorganisms and other external components such as the coronavirus. Excessive alcohol acts as a drug that reduces the body’s normal immune response. Doctor Ronex Ikharia told that three glass lymphocytes proved to be enough to reduce the effect of cells by 50 percent.

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