Pakistani origin doctor Omar Atiq waives cancer patients’ bill of Rs 5 crore

Washington : A Pakistani origin doctor settled in America has given nearly 200 patients a new year gift in hopes that it would make their lives “a little bit easier,” erasing their more than half a million dollars in medical debt, according to media reports. Omar Atiq, a cancer specialist who runs The Arkansas Clinic, treated about 200 patients with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and many more. In February 2020, he had to close his hospital due to shortage of staff. Now Dr. Omar has waived nearly Rs 5 crore bill for these patients.

Dr. Omar issued a new year message to his patients and said that patients no longer need to pay their dues. He said, ‘It is a matter of pride for us that we get patients like you. Many insurance companies have paid most of the bill, but there is still a lot of bill left. Unfortunately, this is how our health system is currently working.

He said that after treating cancer for almost 29 years, I am now closing my hospital. Dr. Omar said, ‘The clinic has decided that all outstanding bills of patients are waived. It is being told that the total outstanding bill was 6 lakh 50 thousand dollars or about 4 crore 75 lakh rupees. Dr. Omar said that when the coronavirus has destroyed homes and business, there may not be a better time to forgive people’s bills.

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