Gujarat: Woman returns lost bag containing Rs 2.5 lakh cash to owner in Savarkundla

Savarkundla: Nagma Zakhra, who works as a homeguard, returned a lot bag containing Rs 2.5 lakh in cash to the owners in Savarkundla. She also refused to accept any ‘reward’ for her noble act.
Gunwant Balwant Joshi and his friend Manu Mehta from Rajula were headed towards Rajkot when the incident happened. The bag full of cash and necessary papers fell on road. This came to the notice of the female homeguard on duty here, who followed the biker and returned the bag to the original owner.
When Gunwant gave her Rs 10,000 as a reward, Nagma refused the amount. Amreli District Home Guard Commander Ashok Joshi, Savarkundla Home Guard Commander Hansa Makani, Home Guard Officer Amitgiri Goswami, Ketan Pandya congratulated Nagma for her honesty.
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