Meet Dr Shyam Chavda, the teacher who taught Kashmir children during his stay in lockdown

Ahmedabad: Staying indoors during the lockdown was an easy option for many of us, but not for those who had stuck outside their home state or country when the nationwide lockdown was announced in March due to the COVID19 outbreak. One teacher from Ahmedabad was stuck in Kashmir, but he used his time to educate children in Kashmir during his stay.

Dr Shyam Chavda from Ahmedabad is the name of this teacher. He stayed in Kashmir for four months during the lockdown. He also received very good support from the Kashmiri people when he provided educational guidance.

“I have been very attached to children from the very beginning,” said Dr Shyam Chawda, who teaches in terror-hit areas. I was a little scared when I went to teach children in Afghanistan. But gradually I began to like it. Then in March I went to Kashmir. Where I visited a school. We became friends while talking to the principal there. Then I decided to teach the children there. Initially, when I went to school, the children as well as the locals were amazed to see me. Because before this no teacher came to teach children from so far. But as time went on, I began to associate with children, school, and parents.

Dr. Shyam Chawda, who runs a coding and programming teaching class in Ahmedabad, provides online education to students living in Ahmedabad including countries like USA, Canada, Dubai, Australia.

Dr Shyam Chavda went on a Kashmir tour before March, where he visited a school near Pahalgaon Highway. After befriending the principal of the school, he insisted on teaching the children. The principal also welcomed him. Later he started teaching children as well as doing different activities.

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