Gujarat : Taiwani guava seedling becomes jackpot for Kutchi farmers

Bhuj : In the current epidemic like Corona, farmers are getting good returns by exporting their goods. Farmers around Kotda Chakar in Kutch harvest Taiwanese guava and export thousands of tons of guavas to Delhi, Mumbai and abroad. Not only that, by getting double the price than India, it also gives foreign exchange to the country. Farmers are getting horticultural crops by planting good crops even in 1500 TDS saline water. Thus, the farmers of Kutch earn income by getting more crops in less time with less effort.

In just one year, these Taiwanese guava seedlings have become a jackpot for farmers. Farmer Harshad Patel says, “What troubles Kotda Chakar farmers have faced, how did they come forward and get more crops, as well as we are ready to guide other farmers, by preparing a group of 50 farmers from Kutch. We are also ready to provide guidance on how to export 1 tonne of goods per day and give more benefits to the farmers.

Another young farmer took inspiration from it and talked about the benefits of this crop as well as its profit and loss. A perennial fruit, the Taiwanese pink guava is a juicy and salty fruit. The farmer can get more crops at lower cost. Farmers said that a good crop can be taken with less labor on less land.

The future of Kutch is even brighter. Because Kandla and Mundra ports are located here. The port of Mundra is directly connected to a European country by sea. Vijay Sahay, a trader from UP, said that efforts have already started to find out why the farmers of Kutch get more benefits.

He said that goods can be exported to European countries very well by sea from Kutch. We share the profits of the goods with the farmers that they send abroad and we export. So that farmers get almost double the price. Here the time is wasted for processing vegetables, fruits etc. For this, if there is a packing house here, it will be of great benefit to the farmer. Thus, even in the present circumstances, the farmers are going to become self-sufficient by exporting their goods and the country is also getting a good foreign exchange.

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