Pune: Panchayat Samiti member among 5 arrested for molesting woman, abusing copsolice

Pune: Uttamnagar Police have arrested 5 persons including Balasaheb Mokashi, a Panchayat Samiti member, and his sons for molesting and harassing a women. The incident took place at took place at Siddhi Vinayak Market in Shivne on Wednesday morning.

At this time, Balasaheb Mokashi hurled abuses at the police officials. Therefore, another case has been registered against him for obstructing government work was arrested.

The names of the suspects are Balasaheb Mokashi, Shantanu Mokashi, Omkar Mokashi, Ajit Jamadar and Vishnu Khatri.

According to the police, Balasaheb Mokashi broke down the door of the terrace of a building at Siddhi Vinayak Market at Shivne at 10 am and was illegally taking water connection for his own commercial gain. This time he had an argument with a female member of the society.

Then Mokashi, his son Shantanu Mokashi, nephew Omkar Mokashi, and two of his accomplices ran to beat the women in the society and insulted them. He broke into Sohanlal Chaudhary’s house, abused him, and tried to stab him with a knife that was lying on the dining table. He was dragged out of the house and cursed in front of all the citizens. He broke the glass bottle and struck Chaudhary on the neck with the intention of killing him. He also threatened to undress the woman.

Uttam Nagar police reached the spot after getting information about the incident.

Ignoring the instructions given by the police, he ran over the women and beat and abused them. When the police brought him to Uttam Nagar police station, Balasaheb Mokashi threatened the police officers not to lodge a complaint against him while saying, “I am a member of Panchayat Samiti. You will get fired if I complain against you to the senior officials.”

Further threatening them to transfer them to Gadchiroli. A case has been registered against 5 persons including Mokashi and they have been arrested.

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