Constable transferred for citing unique reason of asking for leave

Bhopal: A traffic police constable identified as Dilip Ahirwar in Bhopal learnt it the hard way when he sought leave for his brother-in-law’s wedding while citing threats from his wife as the reason.(Constable)However, the officials termed it as indiscipline and transferred him. The matter is related to the Bhopal traffic station.

Ahirwar had applied for a leave citing his brother-in-law’s marriage but adopted a unique strategy to get a leave and wrote that if he did not attend his brother-in-law’s marriage, then his wife would threaten him with serious consequences. The leave application written by Dilip became viral all over the social media.
Dilip had sought a five-day leave from December 11. He was not granted the leave but Deputy Inspector General of Police, Irshad Wali, had transferred him.
Officials said Dilip has already taken more than a leave of 90 days and other employees also want a leave. In such a situation the same employee cannot be granted repetitive holidays

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