Pune: PICT engineering student Raj Dagwar pays to listen to your story

Pune: Raj Dagwar, a young Computer Engineering student is now trying to make a difference in the society. Everyday, he spends a few hours towards humanity reaching out to people, asking them to share their story and also offers them Rs10 in exchange.

Dagwar, a student of PICT intends to talk to people, understand their story and just helps them feel better by sharing it with someone.

He stands across different locations in the city with a board in hand which says, “Tell me your story and I will give you 10 rupees.”

Raj who is on FC road every evening after his Engineering classes to hear some unknown stories of strangers. His motive is to de-stress people and reduce the loneliness and suicidal tendencies in the modern generation.

Speaking about the same, he said, “We all struggle to let our feelings, even to the closest ones now. Close to hundred people have shared their stories, and it was such a wonderful opportunity to hear them. Few people even put down their plans of committing suicide after talking. We all need to just talk and many problems would be resolved.”

Aditya Mahajan who first spotted Raj and then shared his images on social media said, “I saw Raj holding a board in hand while he was talking to a girl. When I first saw him I had assumptions that he must be a student of psychology, attached to some NGO or probably someone who is doing a project. I was taken aback to learn about his humble gesture and he totally won my heart. That’s when I thought I’ll make his photo viral on social media along with a message.”

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