Pune: IUCAA retreats, says dont want to drag royalty issue with Pu La Deshpande family

Pune: Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), which was served notice by Jayant Deshpande and Hemant Deshpande, nephews of legendary writer Pu La Deshpande on November 18 seeking clarity about the royalty, has taken a step back and said that the institute doesn’t want to drag the issue any further and would rather solve it amicably.

The authorities also said that they would be willing to discuss the issue of copyrights and royalty in an amicable manner outside court.

The issue sprung up when Hemant Deshpande’s son Yash wanted to use a script for a special programme that he was planning as part of the centenary celebrations of PL Deshpande.

“There are many discrepancies in the way IUCAA is handling the will and also arbitrarily charging royalty and fees for using our uncle’s literary work,” said Jayant Deshpande.

“We had written to IUCAA and they sent us a long letter asking for minute details of the programme. As part of the Deshpande’s family, at least we have a right to his works too, but not like this” he added.

PuLa and his wife were very much fond of the institute and considering the work that they were doing there, after Pu La passed away his wife had given the institute the rights of his books and other material.

According to IUCAA officials, “Will of late Sunita Deshpande has offered all rights to the plays, books and writings by PL Deshpande to the science body. However, Deshpande’s family has alleged that there are discrepancies in the way IUCAA is handling the will.”

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