Know why December chill is missing in Gujarat

Ahmedabad : A hurricane named ‘Burevi’ has become active in the Bay of Bengal. Activation of any hurricane in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea has an effect on the environment of Gujarat, but hurricane Burevi is far-far away from Gujarat so there is no need to worry. But hurricanes change the direction of the wind. Northerly winds in Gujarat usually blow in the month of December but east-south winds are blowing due to hurricanes. Due to which the minimum temperature is recorded two degrees higher than normal. Due to the high temperature, the amount of cold has decreased.

Dr. Jyant Sarkar, Director, Meteorological Department, has said that Gujarat will not be affected by Hurricane Burevi. However, due to the current situation in the sea, fishermen have been instructed not to go to the coast of Kerala. As the storm weakens, northerly winds will begin to blow again and the cold will increase.

An orange alert has been issued for coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala following Hurricane Burevi. Heavy rains have been forecast. The hurricane is covering a distance of 13 kilometers every 6 hours. The wind will blow at a speed of 70 to 80 kmph.

Three hurricanes have been active since November 22 to December 3. These include Gati, Nivar and Buveri hurricanes respectively. Hurricanes also have an effect on the pattern of the seasons. Which is now seen in Gujarat. Winds change direction due to hurricanes. With the temperature rising, the heat is felt even in the winter season.

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