Gujarat: Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia alleges Rupani Government hiding 35 lakh COVID19 cases

Ahmedabad : It has been alleged that the Vijay Rupani government in Gujarat is not giving correct figures by hiding the cases of Corona. Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia told media persons that the Gujarat government was hiding corona cases and death toll in the state The Gujarat government has hidden 35 lakh cases of corona while the death toll is ten times higher than the government has revealed.

Modhwadia said that according to the ICMR data released recently, Gujarat is the second largest state in hiding data after Bihar. As many as 35 lakh cases have been hidden by the Gujarat government.

He said that at present the tests have also increased but the death toll is 10 times higher than the government statistics. He appealed to the government to take action against the officials who are responsible for this. The government should appeal to the people to be careful but it is unfortunate that if the elected MLA draws the attention of the government, the officials block him. In fact, officials should take action by discussing with elected legislators. The BJP should understand that people will question the government and the BJP, not the officials.

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