Pune: Padcare Labs to install 40 collection units at Aundh ITI

Pune:  A city based startup company, Padcare labs has come up with a new innovative idea of disposing the pads which are not easily disposed of. The company has set a monthly target to prevent about 4800 sanitary pads from reaching landfills.
Padcare labs recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Maharashtra state innovation council to improve the scenario of waste disposal mainly sanitary pads to improve sanitary waste across government run industrial training institutes, offices and institutions in the state.

The two years old startup has developed a smokeless and odorless sanitary waste management system incubated at the Venture Centre in Pune.

They will be following an environmentally friendly way of disposal and also for this the company has set up a chain process where effective manners will be used to dispose of the waste of sanitary pads.

As the awareness is growing year by year regarding menstrual hygiene with easy availability of sanitary pads with not much high rates, the estimated ratio of sanitary pads generated are 8000 for 1000 women. From which around 1 million used sanitary pads are generated per month in India which makes an effective disposal a big challenge.

In today’s scenario disposal isn’t taken seriously by people as they are not aware about the harm the sanitary pads cause. These used pads are either disposed off in landfills or burned in an unscientific manner which is not the correct way to dispose of pads.

For installation of the idea the Padcare labs have demonstrated their pad collection and processing units in the city. 40 collection units will be installed at ITI, Aundh. Also the collection will be monitored digitally.

Waste collector ‘sanibin’ will be installed in washrooms which can collect 30 pads for a month without emitting any foul odor or bacterial reactions. This bin can be emptied periodically. Waste collected will be sent for processing to ‘saneco’, it is a processor with capacity to churn 1500 pads and produce recyclable quality material.

Also now the company is moving forward to establish this idea in the country especially metro cities like Chennai.

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