COVID19 Lockdown woes force auto rickshaw driver to abandon family, locals intervene and counsel him

Pune: COVID-19 had created a big challenge for the citizens of the country. Covid-19 crisis has taken lives of many people and  also many are suffering till now as in the lockdown many lost their jobs and businesses, because of lockdown an auto rickshaw driver Shivaji Kamble from Manjri was unable to meet the expenses of his family so  he took his mother and father to temple town of Alandi not for pilgrimage but to abandon them over there. When local residents saw this they intervened in the Matter and counseled Kamble, then the driver dropped the idea and took them back home with him.

Kamble told that he was suffering through financial crises because of covid-19 and lockdown and also his rickshaw was confiscated because he failed to pay monthly installment to a private firm which forced him to take this step. locals had an argument when he was abandoning his parents and some social activists in manjri are keeping an eye on the family because of the vulnerable thing happening in the area.

They want to give the message that nobody should abandon their parents in any harsh condition, as we all know that because of covid-19 middle class and lower class have suffered a lot especially financially which is making people take harsh steps like abandoning their family.

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