Does money plant bring you prosperity and health, know here

You must have often seen in houses and shops of people the plant of money. Money plant is a plant of vines. Its colour shade of dark green gives peace to eyes. People consider this plant as a good luck plant that is why they plant it in their houses and shops they believe that it comes up with wealth. Sometimes it goes opposite and instead of getting money you spend it more. In this case, the importance of Vaastu increases and money plant should be planted according to Vaastu. We will tell you the perfect way according to Vaastu to plant it in your home to get money and wealth.

1.    Plant money plant in igneous angle
If you are planting money plants in your home then choose the right direction for it. Always plant the money plant in the igneous angle i.e. south east. Igneous angel’s god is lord Ganesh, and praying lord Ganesh will help you in handling complicated situations of your life, it will also help you to stay away from threats. Planting money plants in an igneous angle will help in increasing happiness, prosperity, and wealth.

2.    Do not plant money plant in northeast
You should plant money plant in the northeast direction because then it will work in the opposite direction and you will lose all your wealth and affect the relationship with relatives.

3.    Venus gets stronger with money plant
Planting money plants in the south east direction also helps in getting your Venus strong, which signifies happiness, prosperity and opulence in a person’s life.

4.    Plant money plant inside your house
According to Vaastu Shastra, money plant should always be planted inside the house, not outside. If you plant it outside of your house the plant then will get affected from the negative energy of other people.

5.    The bigger the vine, the more prosperity.
It is believed that the greener and higher the vine of the money plant goes, the more it is considered to be an innovator. The more it spreads, the more wealth prosperity grows. You should always grow it in upward direction because if it will grow downwards then it will not help in growth of a person.

 6.    Keep an appropriate plant near the money plant
The money plant is considered a symbol of the planet Venus. Plants which should not be kept near Venus, are Venus’s enemy planets Sun, Mars or Moon.

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