Rajkot: Husband slaps wife in front of police for refusing to wear mask

Rajkot: Despite the night curfew, many people are seen walking out late at night. The police are punishing them for the guideline violations. A strange incident took place near Trikon Baug during the night curfew in Rajkot.

A quarrel broke out between a couple who were stopped by the police over not wearing a mask. The husband slapped his wife in the presence of the police for denying to wear a mask. However, the police intervened and let the couple go.

A couple had a debate with police over paying a fine in a mask case. The wife had a scuffle with the police for not wearing a mask. “I lost the mask,” the woman said. “I don’t even have a dupatta to tie and shops are closed.” When police demanded a fine, she said, “Rs 1000 is a huge amount.”

In the meantime, the husband told his wife to calm down. The husband said there is a curfew so police are right. The woman then started arguing with the police. Eventually the woman did not calm down and her husband lashed out at her. Matter escalated so much that the husband slapped his wife.

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