Satara: Chhatrapati Udayanraje Bhonsle questions Sharad Pawar on Maratha reservation issue, asks how long should you be called as Maratha Strongman

Satara: Chhatrapati Udayanraje Bhonsle has questioned senior politician and founder of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Sharad Pawar on his inability to resolve the long pending Maratha community reservation issue in the state. “For how long should you be called as the Maratha Strongman,” Udayanraje has asked Pawar.

Udayanraje Bhosale was addressing a press conference on Sunday at Satara when he criticised Sharad Pawar over the reservation issue.

Udayanraje said, “Some people understand the issue of Maratha community reservation very well. But for how long should you be called as the Maratha Strongman or the caretaker of Maratha community? This issue has been kept pending for several years. Those who were in power in all these years are responsible for keeping the issue unresolved.”

“If former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis could resolve the reservation issue successfully, then why can’t the caretakers of Maratha community do it,” Udayanraje questioned.

When asked about whether he would discuss the issue with Pawar, Udayanraje said, “What is the point in discussing the matter for the sake of it? If we can resolve the issue by finding a long-lasting solution then I am ready to discuss it with him.”

Udayanraje also warned the state government of an action-reaction to the issue. Udayanraje said, “We are battling the Covid-19 outbreak in the state. Otherwise we would have protested and not allowed the ministers in the government to step out of their homes. We are assured of reservation in every election but the issue remains unsolved. If the government breaches our trust then we will pull down the government. The government will be responsible for any action-reaction.”

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