Know how weight loss by gastrectomy affect our bone health

Npnews24 : For weight loss, people use a special diet, gym training, calorie-burning supplements, and all medicines. Some people have started resorting to weight loss surgery called ‘Sleeve Gastrectomy’ in the desire of a slim-fit body. A new study has revealed that this could have terrible disadvantages to this surgery.
In Sleeve gastrectomy, about 75 percent of the stomach is removed for the human to lose weight. According to a report by Science Daily, between 2005 and 2014, the cases of weight loss in teenagers through sleeve gastrectomy have increased more than 100 times. Health experts have claimed that this method of weight loss affects the bones (Weak bone).

Miriam A, Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School (Boston). Bredella says, “This weight loss bacterial surgery can have a bad effect on human bones for a long time.” The body of 52 obese adolescents was examined in this study. Of these, 26 were placed under sleeve gastrectomy.
After monitoring the health of the teenagers for about a year, the researchers showed a decrease of 13 to 28 kg in their weight. Also, more ‘Marrow Fat’ was found in his bones and the problem of ‘loss of bone density’ was seen in the lumbar spine.

Dr. Bredella said that there was a possibility of a loss of bone density in the bones after the sleeve gastrectomy because more weight makes the bones stronger. Apart from the loss of bone density, it also affects our hormones and nutrients required by the body.
He said, ‘We need to find a mechanism that is safe for these bones as well as their bones. Adolescence is an extremely important time for the development of bones and muscles. The wrong experiment with health at this time can give terrible harm in the future.

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