Ahmedabad: Seaplane service between Ahmedabad and Kevadia stopped

Ahmedabad : Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the seaplane service to Ahmedabad and Kevadia on October 31. The service is currently closed for a period of one month. The seaplane left Sabarmati riverfront this morning for Maldives for maintenance work. It is unknown at this time when it will be brought back. Anand, a media communication officer of SpiceJet, said that the sea-plane has gone to Maldives for maintenance. It will return whenever the plane’s maintenance work is completed. Narendra Modi arrived in Gujarat on October 31 at the inauguration of the seaplane.

It was Prime Minister Modi’s dream to start a seaplane service at the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad. The service was inaugurated on October 31 and has been shut down for a period of one month, given that seaplanes have been taken to the Maldives for maintenance, with no decision on when to return. The seaplane was inaugurated on October 31 by Prime Minister Modi and on November 24 by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. The service was then shut down for the last one month under different pretexts instead of launching seaplane for the general public.

The fare of the first flight in the morning in sea-plane is Rs 1590, while the fare for the second flight is more than Rs 2200. So the first flight was booked due to low fares. People were getting annoyed due to unscheduled flight in sea-plane and online booking business. The seaplane service has been started by Prime Minister Modi, but people in Gujarat are bothered to get benefit of the service.

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