This Mumbai-based travel company promises COVID19 vaccine in their holiday package

Mumbai : A Mumbai-based travel company is offering tourists a four-day tour of the United States for Rs 1.75 lakh, along with the Covid19 vaccine. This is a three day and four night package from Mumbai to New York and return. Expenses include plane ticket fares, hotel stays and snacks, as well as a dose of the Covid19 vaccine.

Edelweiss Mutual Funds CEO Radhika Gupta shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message on Twitter. In the message, the company is offering a US tour package for the month of December, including the upcoming Pfizer vaccine to the US market. The vaccine will be officially sold in the US from December 11 and will initially be offered to certain VVIP customers, the message said.

“We are developing vaccine tourism,” the message said. We don’t have a vaccine and we are not even going to get it. The vaccine will be administered under U.S. law. Nothing can be said right now. We are not accepting any advances or deposits. All we need is your registration. The rest of the process will then be done with the permission of the health department.

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