Vadodara : 140 year old ‘Corona Painting’ becomes Talking Point, Market value jumps to 8 Crore

Vadodara: Corona has wreaked havoc across the country and everyone is afraid of this deadly virus. But a 140-year-old painting named ‘Corona’ has suddenly come under discussion at the Vadodara City Museum, and is now attracting a lot of people. Let’s find out who created this painting and why it was named Corona 140 years ago.
The city of Vadodara is home to some of the most expensive and historic buildings of the Gaikwad period. But nowadays people are flocking to visit the Vadodara Museum. The original reason is the 140 year old Corona painting. The Vadodara Museum houses a collection of 210 European paintings. But this painting of the wife of the famous artist Charles Edward Peruzini was made by himself 140 years ago, is attracting a lot of citizens amid the Corona epidemic. The artist’s wife Kate was very beautiful. The artist then named the painting Corona, comparing the charming form of wife Kate to the crown.
Vijay Patel, curator of the museum, says that when visitors come to visit the Vadodara Museum, they are fascinated by the painting and are amazed when they see the name Corona inscribed on it. The only question on everyone’s mind is how the artist would have named this painting Corona 140 years ago. Corona painting has become very popular due to the name coinciding with the current Corona epidemic and the current market value of this painting is said to be around Rs 8 crore.
Important things to know about Corona painting –
– 140 years ago the Maharaja Gaikwad bought this painting for 54 pounds
– The museum has a collection of about 210 European paintings
– The cost of this Corona painting was 1 lakh in 1960, the current market value is about 8 crore
– The young woman depicted in the painting is Kate, the wife of the famous artist Charles Edward Peruzini
– The size of the painting is 63.5 × 44.5 cm

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